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A great book for tackling those awkward questions and dreaded scenarios when working with children.

 Review by Lorna Jackson MA., BA (Hons).,CPOD.,AASW., CQSW Professional Advisor Safeguarding in Education


BEING ME (AND LOVING IT) Is one of those books we all wish we had access to before you become a parent or a teacher. It is well thought out and written, tackling those awkward questions and dreaded scenarios you stumble across when bringing up or working with children.


Definitely a worthwhile resource for parents and primary school teachers alike to support children's development of critical thinking and building self-esteem.
(Posted JKP reviews on 22/04/2016)




5.0 out of 5 stars This book is Brilliant, plain and simple

ByTina Nowatchik

This book is Brilliant, plain and simple! If you have children, you will NOT regret the purchase of this book. I have found so many helpful stories/activities, that I have marked when I was reading it for the first time. There have been a couple stories that are incredibly helpful for my 11y old daughter, and even one or two for my 16y son who is ADHD/mildly autistic. This book is beautifully written and the activities are engaging & fun. (from 24/4/16)



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Being Me (and Loving It)




Stories and activities to help build self-esteem, confidence, positive body image and resilience in children

Hannah talks about the book    Hannah talks about the book



I am excited to announce the publication of my new book (co-authored with Naomi Richards the UK’s leading kids coach) which is a unique resource for educators and parents who need a tool to help young children aged 5-11 years develop resilience, good self-esteem and body confidence as they encounter the issues they face as they grow, including bullying, and outside pressures.

With 29 real life and relatable stories at its heart, it is a practical and engaging resource for both the children and those who engage with them.

Each story is the focus of a ready-to-use lesson plan, covering common issues that affect children such as a lack of body confidence, feeling pressured by peers and worries about puberty. The stories are preceded by guidance on how to introduce the topic and the learning outcomes, and they are followed by a range of activities to reinforce the messages being taught. The stories can either be read aloud or photocopied and shared for individual reading. It is the perfect resource for use in PSHE lessons or one-to-one settings, including at home.



‘A treasure trove of stories for opening up discussions with 5 to 11 year olds about a wide range of issues which may be troubling them. These accessibly short stories about kids “just like me” are a great resource for teachers and parents alike and are enhanced by guidance notes and questions for exploration for supporting adults. I’ll be keeping my copy close to hand and sharing it widely.’

Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Child & Adolescent Mental health Specialist and Advisor to the PSHE Association



ISBN 978 1 84905 713 4

Authors Naomi Richards & Julia Hague

Published 21/04/2016


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Jessica Kingsley Publishers