I am passionate about enabling people - children and adults - to find the path forward to achieving a positive self belief and knowing the potential each one of us has in ourselves.

I am a story teller, writer and motivator and offer tailor made sessions with classes both in primary and secondary schools to help children to feel good about themselves and explore strategies for developing resilience.  I use the power of stories to engage children and young adults in realizing that they are not alone similar to those in my new book "Being Me (And Loving It)". 






For young women I discuss positive body image and self esteem in a relaxed and informal way, again using powerful imagery and motivation.

Please see my Motivational Talks page for details of these.








And the future...



I am currently embarking on a new book for women. See Women's Self Esteem for details on this.






Pictures courtesy of Stuart Miles and Vlado  Freedigitalphotos