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I offer targeted motivational talks and workshops tailored to your requirements on the following subjects:-

Friendship (all age groups, suitable for schools)

Friendship issues can be the root of many problems in children's lives and on up into adulthood.  It can underlie self-esteem problems and be the cause of bullying. Understanding friendship is an essential tool for children of all ages.



Bullying (all age groups, suitable for schools and groups)

Bullying confronts children on all levels, both on line and in person and is becoming a major problem.  Talking openly about the subject as a group or class will help children to understand how by being resilient they can learn how to ignore the bully or stand up for themselves.  It is important that they also learn who to turn to when confronted by bullying in any form.

As well as teaching children resilience it is important to talk to the children who are themselves bullying.

















Women’s self-esteem and body image (ages 16 and up and women’s groups)

Discussions and motivational talks and workshops for women young and old on developing a healthy self-esteem and body image.

If you would like to book a motivational talk or series of talks please contact Julia  for details.

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