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A great book for tackling those awkward questions and dreaded scenarios when working with children.

Review by Lorna Jackson MA., BA (Hons).,CPOD.,AASW., CQSW

Professional Advisor Safeguarding in Education


BEING ME (AND LOVING IT) is one of those books we all wish we had access to before you become a parent or a teacher. It is well thought out and written, tackling those awkward questions and dreaded scenarios you stumble across when bringing up or working with children. Definitely a worthwhile resource for parents and primary school teachers alike to support children's development of critical thinking and building self-esteem


22 April 2016



5.0 out of 5 stars

A fantastic well-considered resource

ByJSW12 on 17 May 2016


I bought this book based on my past experience of Julia Hague's work, but have been thoroughly impressed by the content. I used it for the first time with my Brownie unit last night, and the girls (aged 7-10) ... and the leaders(!)... were really engaged all the way through the guided discussions and you could have heard a pin drop through the story. We also used some of the activities from the end of the chapter and the whole session flowed really well. The format and introductions show a great understanding of how little minds work, and the flow works very well. And the stories demonstrate great insight and are beautifully written. All in all, a brilliant resource ... my only criticism is that it doesn't cover every issue in a child's life!!! But then no single book could. Thanks to Julia and Naomi for their hard work to produce something so valuable.



5.0 out of 5 stars

Great format. Very helpful for age 7 and 11.

By Mrs P on 19 May 2016


I bought this book as I thought it would be useful for my daughters aged 7 and 11. It covers some of the issues that can worry them - friendships, changing bodies, school etc. The format was great. An intro, story in the child's voice then some advice on questions to ask your child to encourage them to think around their problem. There are also activities for your child. Both these help with talking about the issue and looking at it from different viewpoint. My older daughter couldn't wait to read it and mainly read it alone though we chatted about the stories she'd read. She could choose the stories that she was interested in or had concerns around the topic. I selected some to read with my younger daughter, knowing what worries her and she also chose a couple herself. It was useful to also see which ones they read/chose. Although both my daughters are very open with me, based on the stories they chose I could then find out if something was bothering them that they'd kept to themselves. Very useful and will no doubt he referred to again at different stages.



5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent practical advice

BySpivac Anna on 17 May 2016


The BEST book for parents I have ever read. If you are serious about helping your kids have the confidence they need to navigate the world of peer pressure, school, friendships and bullying then this is a must read. I found it full of practical easy to use advice. Not just your average self help book - this is the real deal.